Assists For Illnesses And Injuries

Assists for Illnesses and Injuries Booklet Learn how to administer the same procedures used by the Volunteer Ministers who helped thousands at disaster sites in New York City, Oklahoma, Kosovo, Kobe, Japan and many others. They’re in the booklet, Assists for Illnesses and Injuries by L. Ron Hubbard.

But these techniques have a much broader range and use. Because people get hurt and sick in the business of living, the “assists” you’ll learn from this booklet can be applied any time, anywhere and bring spiritual relief to the pain and suffering of people in your family and community.

The ways assists can be applied are almost limitless. They always help and often have miraculous results. The amount of help you can give others after reading and practicing these assists for only a short time defies belief. Buy this booklet and bring relief to the people you know and love.


Hundreds of thousands use the assists from this booklet to bring relief and an end to suffering to people in need all over the world.

Assists for Illnesses and Injuries successes

A computer programmer living in Los Angeles suffered a chronic kidney problem. The condition worsened until it became life-threatening and he was hospitalized. For seventeen months he underwent intensive care, including major surgery. The man’s condition became critical to the point doctors were convinced he had only few hours to live and he was put on a life-support system. His wife learned how to deliver assists and gave him assists continuously during this crisis period. The man later described his experience in these words:

“I was very ill for months. I was under intensive care for weeks with a bleeding ulcer infection and kidney failure. My heart stopped three times and I died three times. I was unconscious for over a week, and I basically did not want to live. The doctors were going to give up on me and stop the treatment. The nurses did not expect me to live. But my wife came to the hospital everyday to give me assists.

“As a result of the assists, I soon started becoming aware of my environment and had a determination to survive. The assists made life seem bright enough to continue living. I am now recovered and would not have lived if it weren’t for the help many people gave me using the procedures developed by L. Ron Hubbard.”

Remarkable recovery from a severe injury was made by a man in San Francisco, through the use of Assist Technology. Even to this day, he expresses awe about his recovery:

“I was working as a chimney sweep and had an accident in which I fell three stories, landing on my feet and breaking both of my heels. I went to the hospital where they prescribed painkillers and wanted to keep me overnight. “Instead, I went home and my wife gave me a Touch Assist which handled the agony I was in, allowing me to sleep that night without painkillers. I received Touch Assists daily and by the end of that week, I was able to hobble around on crutches on my tiptoes. Then I received another type of assist after which something felt ‘different’ and when I stood up, I found I could easily stand on my feet without my crutches! This was amazing to me, as prior to this assist, the thought of putting all my weight on my feet was unthinkable. I was even able to walk down the hall! My recovery time was considerably cut down by the assists and in a short while I was running again and in great health. The speed and thoroughness of my recovery was a miracle to me and I am forever thankful to Mr. Hubbard for developing this technology and making it available to all of us."

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