Scientology Handbook

The Scientology Handbook The Scientology Handbook contains the technology of living. It is the handbook for anyone who wishes to be successful in any and every area of life. Broken down into 19 separate aspects of human endeavor, it not only addresses the most common problems in society, it provides the exact solutions.

Whether it's raising healthy and happy children, improving your quality of communication with your associates, or having an exact plan on how to achieve your goals in life–The Scientology Handbook gives you proven and effective tools that can immediately be put to use in these areas.

Once you understand the exact barriers in the road to achieving what you want in life, you can take effective action to remedy this. And that is exactly what you get with this book.

Today, the need for real solutions is crucial. Abuses of every description are rampant in the world–drugs, crime, conflict, terrorism, illiteracy, immorality–the list seems endless. To have any decent future at all, you need to know this manual for living and use it.

Enough people doing so will create the positive effect our turbulent society must have.

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Results from others who have read the book:

"Recently I went to the hospital to see a friend who'd had an accident. He had been pretty badly mangled up and was in a coma, not responding to anyone or anything. The 'experts' at the hospital said he'd never walk again, use his hands, or live to see his next birthday. I was running assists on him from The Scientology Handbook for several weeks when one day he regained consciousness. Using another assist from the handbook I got him into communication with the environment and then with me. To the total disbelief of the doctors and staff, I continued the assists for another week and both he and I walked out of the hospital together. That was the biggest thrill of my life and it was totally because I used the techniques from The Scientology Handbook." –G.M.

"I spent a few hours and read the entire Scientology Handbook. It gave me a sense of knowingness I've never had before. I knew that I was prepared for any situation in life and I'd know what to do. I now perform assists at work and apply the technology from the book. Now I'm considered a miracle worker and someone who knows what she's doing. All my life I've tried to help people, but now with The Scientology Handbook, I can really help them!" –K.J.

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