Solutions for a Dangerous Environment

Solutions for a Dangerous Environment Booklet There are solutions for a dangerous environment.

There’s no arguing that parts of the environment are truly dangerous. Terrorism preys on fear and insecurity. The terrorist makes the environment dangerous and want you paralyzed by fear. They thrive on the media’s daily diet of violence, war, crime, murder, disease, fire, flood and famine.


The Solutions for a Dangerous Environment booklet by L. Ron Hubbard contains the means to overcome the fear, anxiety and anguish brought about by the acts of terrorism and bad news that constantly bombards us on TV and in newspapers.

Learn precise methods to bring about an enormously better state of mind in yourself and anyone you know.

Read this booklet and you’ll never be fooled again by the media or anyone else whose stock in trade is, not a better world, but a more chaotic one.


People from all walks of life use the solutions in this booklet to bring sanity and stability to their own environment.

Solutions for a Dangerous Environment successes

“The way things are today, who wants to go out of the house or go on vacation? That was my attitude. That’s 180 degrees to the way I used to be. Me scared? How could this be? But it was true. Then a friend gave me The Solutions for a Dangerous Environment booklet. Boy, whoever said ‘the truth will set you free’ wasn’t kidding. This booklet made so much sense that I actually changed the way I viewed life. I realized I was just being a dupe and under the control of others around me. I feel an enormous weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I’ve shown this booklet to friends and they feel the same way about it. Thanks!” L.S.

“I sent The Solutions for a Dangerous Environment booklet to an uncle of mine who was terrified at what he was watching on the TV. It was ruining his life. I didn’t know what to expect in reply but I did know that what’s in that booklet is true and anyone can use it to live a better life. He sent me a long letter of thanks—the best letter I ever got from him—and from all accounts, this man’s life has changed for the better.” J.P.

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