The Technology of Study

The Technology of Study Booklet Just about everyone agrees that in order to better yourself and get ahead in life, you have to be able to study. Getting through school, getting a promotion on the job, making more money and other personal and professional achievements are often determined solely by the ability to study and apply what you have learned. But how does one acquire this ability?

This illustrated booklet is a manual about how to study. It covers the basic barriers that keep you from learning well. It tells you how to recognize them and what you can do to bust through these barriers.

After reading this manual you will have the tools to speed up your studies while actually UNDERSTANDING what you're reading about. No more "memorizing" or "speed reading" or other quick-fix methods of studying just so you can pass your class or some test. This manual will teach you REAL SKILLS that bring about UNDERSTANDING!

Read this and you will learn:

There are twenty-six simple drills to help you learn how to study easily, rapidly and with full understanding. There are also techniques you can use to check someone else's understanding of what they have studied, and also to help direct them so they can fully understand what they are trying to learn.

Today L. Ron Hubbard's Study Technology is used by millions of people in all walks of life. The results are uniform–a regained ability to learn and apply any data a person has studied. Community-based learning centers and educational programs around the world make this technology available to anyone. Now you too can learn the same breakthroughs being used by millions.

Successes from Application:

"I spent twenty-four of twenty-eight years of my life in school and never learned how to study. Anything I learned up to that point was not under my control at all. I was lucky to learn what I did. Now I can learn anything as long as I apply L. Ron Hubbard's study technology. I can understand things now that I would not have been able to a couple of months ago!" - E.B.M.

"I have had many wins using L. Ron Hubbard's study technology. During high school and college I got average grades. I would fall asleep while studying and I wouldn't retain much of what I learned. When I learned the study technology, it turned my studying around. I learned more, understood the material much better and I could use what I learned. I now know what's happening when I start to fall asleep and I know how to handle it." - J.L.

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